-January 6th, 2017-

Sheriff Matt Champlin announced that on 01/06/2017 at approximately 10:10 a.m. a prisoner, who was incarcerated in the Gallia County Jail for misdemeanor charges, attempted to escaped custody by compromising a locking mechanism on a holding facility door thereby gaining access to the front entrance of the jail.

“Our correctional staff immediately identified the attempted escape and contacted the Gallia County 911 Center to seek assistance from all law enforcement personnel in the area.  The suspect, Bruce Lee Chapman age 36, was immediately located near the front of the Gallia County Courthouse by corrections staff and Courthouse security.  I’d like to commend our staff for their attentiveness to their job duties and quick reactions which resulted in the immediate apprehension of this suspect who chose to attempt to escape justice by fleeing from our custody” states Sheriff Champlin.

Sheriff Champlin states “an investigation into how the inmate was able to breech security is being conducted and we will be consulting with Prosecutor Jason Holdren’s Office regarding charges on Mr. Chapman. We will see to it that Mr. Chapman is held accountable for his actions today.  We will do everything we need to do to identify any issues which resulted in this escape and take the corrective measures necessary to assure our citizens and our community remain safe.”

Attempted Escape from Gallia County Jail

Attempted Escape from Gallia County Jail 2

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