Press Release: 6-7-2012

Gallia County Sheriff’s Deputies utilize government equipment program:

1033 Program Overview

The U.S. Department of Defense (D0D) 1033 Program permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer excess DoD supplies and equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies for use in their law enforcement duties. This property is procured at no cost to the agency with the exception of any shipping or transportation costs.

The type of property available includes but is not limited to tactical and riot gear, vehicles, watercraft, weapons, and night vision. All equipment must be strictly accounted for. When no longer needed agencies must request permission for turn in, transfer, or disposal.

Agencies must request participation in the program through the Governor’s appointed State Coordinator. The Coordinator will facilitate the application process with the Federal Law Enforcement Support Office.

Recently the members of the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office obtained through this program several (6) military all terrain vehicles called High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).  Gallia Co. Sheriff Joe Browning stated the program will be helpful to his agency in having access to equipment for not only combating crime and illicit drug enforcement, but also when needed for search and rescue operations. “The vehicles are in real good shape, run great and we should get a lot of use out of  them.”- Commented Sheriff Browning.

Those vehicles are currently at the Gallia County Work Release Center property in Cheshire and are being cleaned and refurbished with markings to identify them as being Sheriff’s Office vehicle’s.

Other law enforcement agencies in the area have also taken advantage of the program.


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