Bidwell – 3/20/2013: Gallia County Deputies responded to a request from River Valley High School Officials this morning to begin an investigation into allegations of a student on school property with a realistic looking hand gun that in fact was a single pellet gun. Possession of this type of device on restricted grounds is in violation of Ohio law, as well as, the school district policy. Upon the deputies’ arrival, the scene was already contained by school district personnel. The male student in question was removed from the school property and detained by GCSO deputies. A complete investigation into this situation will be forwarded to the county prosecutor for his review.

This is the ORC section we will be referring to : 2923.122 (c )
No person shall knowingly possess an object in a school safety zone if both of the following apply:
(1) The object is indistinguishable from a firearm, whether or not the object is capable of being fired.

(2) The person indicates that the person possesses the object and that it is a firearm, or the person knowingly displays or brandishes the object and indicates that it is a firearm.

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