Sheriff’s Sales for December 14, 2012 sale by court order-

Thomas G. Saunders Case 12CV48 Location: 130 Amby

Lane Frank E. Bibbee  Case 10CV198 Location: 1639 Centenary Rd.

Mark A. Haner Case 11CV192 Location: 2548 St Rt 325

Brian J. Bradbury Case 12CV38 Location: 768 East Bethel Rd.

Stana M. Couch Case 11CV203 Location: 3719 Bullaville Pike

Shannon R. Justice Case 11CV160 Location: 412 Debbie Drive

All sales take place on the 2nd floor meeting room of the Gallia County Courthouse starting at 10:00AM

(For more information you can call 740- 446-4614 Monday – Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM)

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