The Corrections Division is responsible for the operations of adult detentions under the jurisdiction of the Gallia County Sheriff. The Corrections Division operates the only full-service jail in Gallia County which is located at 18 Locust Street, Gallipolis, Ohio. 



When each inmate is booked in, they will receive a commissary account which is where they will put their funds. Inmates have the option to order a variety of snacks, hygiene and clothing items through the commissary each week. All inmate commissary accounts are handled by Stellar Services. There is a kiosk located in our lobby which is open 24/7 to accept deposits to inmate accounts. This kiosk accepts cash, credit, and debit cards. There is a $4 fee per deposit for using this service. You may also place funds onto inmate accounts by clicking the following link. 

Click here to place funds on an Inmate commissary account.


Inmate Visitation

The Gallia County Jail uses ICSolutions Video Visitation for family and friends to visit an inmate at their convenience. All visits are 30 minutes. Visits can be scheduled online or in the night lobby on the registration computer. Off-site visits take place from a home computer with a video camera or by a mobile device with a camera. 

Click here to schedule a video visitation with an inmate. 


Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Gallia County Sheriff's Office maintains zero tolerance for sexual misconduct. Family and friends can report allegations of resident sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and retaliation by calling the PREA Coordinator at (740) 446-4612 ext. 1265 or send an e-mail to


Jail Administrator

Lieutenant Chris Gruber

Office: (740)446-0734



Day Shift Corrections Supervisor

Sergeant Kristen Ward

Office:  (740) 441-2055


Evening Shift Corrections Supervisor

Sergeant Mike McCarty

Office (740) 441-2055


Corrections Officers

Corrections Officer Brooklyn Stapleton

Corrections Officer Ronnie Johnson

Corrections Officer Denise Richards

Corrections Officer Michael Russell

Corrections Officer Misty Clay

Corrections Officer Josh Cummings

Corrections Officer Breanna Wolford

Corrections Officer Amy McCoy

Corrections Officer Garrett Nance

Corrections Officer Pam Hartenbach