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CCW Application / Renewal



To apply go to 535 Second Ave, Gallipolis, OH 45631

Schedule your appointment click here 

For questions contact Alexis Polley 740-446-4612 ext 3012

How to Apply

To qualify for a CCW in Ohio, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Complete the required 8-hour course to obtain your Certificate of Competency.

Do NOT bring a firearm with you when applying for or picking up your license!

To obtain a Concealed Carry Weapon's (CCW) permit, first-time applicants must:

  • Make an appointment with the concealed carry office.
  • Fill out an application completely.
  • Have a color photo, passport size 2"x2", taken within 30 days (many photo shops, drug stores, groceries, and similar businesses that handle photo development may be able to help you obtain this size photograph).
  • Have a valid identification, driver's license, state I.D., or passport.
  • Pass a criminal background check and mental competency check.
  • Have an original Certificate of Competency or Prior Equivalent Documentation.
  • Pay the non-refundable fee (debit or credit card only):
    • $67.00 New
    • $50.00 Renewal
    • $45.00 Emergency
    • $91.00 for a FBI Background Check (If not an Ohio resident for last 5 years.)
  • Submit to having your fingerprints electronically scanned or inked and rolled onto a card.

If you are a Gallia County Renewal, you will only need the following:

If you are a Renewal from another county in Ohio, in addition to the Gallia County Renewal List you will need a 2x2 photo for the application.

If you are Active Duty Military with a current ID Card, a Veteran, or Retired Military, your fee and training will be waived.  Bring in a DD214 stating you were honorably discharged.

If you are changing your address or name you must report it to us within 30 Days. You may report the change by the following email

If you have ever been prohibited from having a weapon under ORC Section 2923.125, you must provide court documentation granting relief for disability.

Application click here