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Security Camera Registration

Camera Registration


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Be a Community Safety Partner

By registering home and business security cameras, you are notifying law enforcement that you are willing to assist in an investigation if something happens within view of your cameras. 

Important information

No one can access video without your permission. Camera information and contact details are only available to law enforcement. If a member of law enforcement believes video from your camera can assist in an investigation, they will contact you directly.


FAQ Online Camera Registration

Q:  Why should I participate?

A:  To provide video to law enforcement to help apprehend criminals.

Q:  How often will I be contacted?

A:  You will only be contacted if it is believed your system might help with an investigation.

Q:  Who will have access to my information?

A:  Only sheriff's office personnel will have access to your personal information.

Q:  Do I have to provide footage if contacted?

A:  It is voluntary to provide footage. You are not obligated to provide anything.

Q:  What if my system is down at the time of the incident?

A:  No one would ever be held liable for lack of footage.

Q:  Will the sheriff's office directly access my camera system?

A:  No, you will be contacted by sheriff personnel and asked to provide video.